Friday, October 10, 2008

Steve Ditko Cover of the Week: Strange Worlds #2

How gorgeous is this cover? Having look at some many of the loose, frenetic Ditko covers of the late 60s through to the present, it's easy to forget that the man design a relatively subdued, and yet insanely beautiful, comic book cover. There are so many great, and nearly forgotten, covers from this pre-Hero (Don Heck's Tales of Suspense #1 is a personal favourite). Strange Worlds is a very short-lived title that I would love to see collected. Anyone who has read Charlton books from the 50s (many stories reprinted in the 70s) knows that Ditko excelled at sci-fi during this period. I just love the main figure's pose, as well as the line of human figure that get increasingly smaller. With that small moon in front, the Planet of Plunder sure looks like the Death Star. One of Ditko's best for Altas/Marvel.

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