Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trade Marks: Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 1

Another new feature on here - I'll chat about TPBs I've read recently. As always, I'll try to hit a variety of publishers, genres and eras.

A few weeks ago, I picked up the two Indy Omnibus volumes on the cheap at a local shop. I was completely unaware of the various miniseries put out by Dark Horse in the 90s, but these looked pretty good and I was in the mood for some old fashioned fun. The first volume collects three miniseries, totalling 16 issues - so it's not bad value even at full price. For the most part, the stories are fun but do lose their focus from time to time with all of the jet setting around. The first two stories are pencilled by the late Dan Barry, so it has a good clean, comic strip look to it. Dan Spiegle pitched in for one issue, so that really made me happy.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the final story, "Indiana Jones and the Arms of Gold", written by Lee Mars. Her script was loads of fun, and the artwork by Leo DuranoƱa really fit nicely with the time period - a bit of a Guy Davis vibe. I should note that I really like this size of book - easy to transport and store on a shelf, and the reproduction is top notch. I do wish that there were a few extras thrown in such as a full cover gallery, and text piece on the genesis of the series or the collaboration, but I imagine that it would bump up the price. Trade Mark: B+

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