Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trade Marks: Sandman Mystery Theatre - Sleep of Reason

I totally got 'bait & switched' on this one. I don't exactly follow all the latest comic book news, so when I stumbled upon this in an LCS, my circa-1994 fanboy radar went haywire and I picked it up without even flipping through. I later found out that there is only the most tenuous of connections to the 90s series. The story begins by bouncing back in forth between present day Afghanistan and Afghanistan in the 90s. The story is pretty convoluted, as the main character's motivations are not entirely clear. This is not helped by Nguyen's artwork, which can be difficult to follow at times (and some of his anatomy is crazy - especially when someone is punching or kicking). All in all, this was a major disappointment to me and really sullies the reputation of the franchise. If this is the last we see of Wesley and Dian (who are treated with very little respect here), Jeanette Khan will be receiving a missing from this grumpy old man. She's still running things, right? Trade Mark: C

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