Friday, May 08, 2009

Comic Book Robot of the Month: Rufus the Robot

I must admit that I've never owned nor read The Beverly Hillbillies #10, but I'm certain that once I get my hands on it, it will be a strong candidate for the Single Issue Hall of Fame. The GCD synopsis states "Granny takes Rufus the Robot shopping". That's really all we need to know. There is so much right (and at the same time, wrong) about this cover. There are about a thousand jokes that go rushing through my mind, and at least half of them involve the movie Demon Seed. Every other cover for this 21 issue series features a photo cover, so I'm guessing that there was no way Dell could figure out how to superimpose a robot into a photo of the cast. The GCD suggests that series artist Henry Scarpelli drew this cover - but it sure looks like Mike Sekowsky to me. The man obviously had a great sense of humour.

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