Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dreamy Splash Pages Pt. 1

The Prize Comics series Strange World of Your Dreams was the perfect fit Jack Kirby, Mort Meskin and Bill Draut. The them of the series allowed these artists to stretch their collective imaginations to the limit. Starting with Windsor Mackay's Little Nemo, it was clear that dreams made for wonderful comic book fodder. This short-lived series starred Richard Temple, some sort of doctor/therapist who helped people analyze their dreams. This particular tale involves a deceased mother communicating with the living through their dreams in order to assist her sick child. It's pretty creepy and very atmospheric. All of the feature stories in this series have amazing splash pages by the aforementioned artists. This was the first one in issue #1, and they certainly started with a bang. I'll feature a few more of these over the next week or so.


craig/benday-dot said...

Yes, that a great series Scott, often unjustly overshadowed by its better known sister title Black Magic. Kirby doesn't get a lot of recognition for his chops on supernatural stories, but he really could be as creative as ever on the genre. The quickly aborted Spirit World experiment in the 70's shows just what a Kirby at the top of his game could accomplish in a genre surely more the province of his old comrade Steve Ditko. Meskin, a kindred "spirit" of Ditko's is also of course fantastic on what work I've seen of his this odd little series. Nice blog entry!

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

This book was one of the beat short-lived titles of the 1950s!

The stories from the never-published second issue of 'Spirit World' was used in the earlier issues of Weird Mystery Tales!