Friday, May 29, 2009

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Flash #289

I've always considered myself to be a pretty big Flash fan, and that's why I was surprised to discover (after scanning through an on-line cover gallery) that this was the first solo Flash book I ever owned. I would have been nearly 8 years old when this hit the spinner racks, and I was likely in my 2nd or 3rd year of fairly active comic book reading. I likely knew the Flash through various JLA/Super Friends appearances and perhaps a B&B or two. I was also very aware of him through DC house ads, as many Flash covers from 1978 and 1979 were featured - some great, attention grabbing stuff from the likes of Rich Buckler, Ross Andru and Dick Giordano. This issue was a pretty good way to start as the Dr. Alchemy/Mr. Element chaos comes to a head. I was likely quite confused by all of this as a child, but I really dug it later on - some much so that I waaaay overspent on a high grade copy of Flash #147 (Reverse Flash and Mr. Element - how can you go wrong?). I really think Don Heck was a nice fit as a flash artist - underappreciated as always. There's also a decent Firestorm back-up with George Perez art - so all in all, it was a pretty nice way to be introduced to the Flash series.


Jacque Nodell said...

Why is it that Heck is always underappreciated? Do you think it is because he did quite a bit of work outside of the superhero genre?

Daniel Graves said...

I owned this book... and if I'm not mistaken, I bought it for the Firestorm backup!

Fr. Dan

Scott M said...

I'm a big Heck fan, and his non-superhero stuff is certainly amazing. I just think a few jerkish fanboys and less than gracious artists in the late 70s and early 80s labelled him as Don Hack, and it stuck. Sometimes all the talent in the world cannot defeat a cruel nickname. Shame on anyone who referred to him as such. I just love his stuff.

Andrew Wahl said...

I also had this one as a kid, but exclusively for the PĂ©rez backup story. I was never a Heck fan, and he’s one of the few Bronze artists I haven’t developed an appreciation for over the years.

FYI, I just discovered your blogs, both the one and Soctt’s Classic Comics Corner, and enjoyed paging through both tremendously. I added links to both to Comics Bronze Age’s link collection, and referenced your recent four-parter on the start of the Bronze Age. Fun stuff!


Scott M said...

Thanks for the kind words Andrew!

I'm very low-key, low tech - but I hope that people find something of interest both here and over at CSBG.

I'm glad you recognized that I was having a little bit of fun with the whole Bronze Age debate. I'm a lawyer by profession, so I pride myself on being able to make even the most insane argument seem plausible.

Graeme said...

I think Heck wasn't exactly well served by the inkers he had throughout the '70s and '80s. His Justice League of America run was wonderful when Romeo Tanghal was there and much less so when Vince Colletta or Sal Trapini got the assignment. His run on The Flash and Wonder Woman is similarly variable. His artwork is great-- you almost wish they'd just shot from the pencils.