Monday, May 11, 2009

Trade Marks: Batman - Scarecrow Tales

This collection of Scarecrow-centric stories was released in the Spring of 2005, in an attempt to cash in on the Scarecrow's appearance in Batman Begins. With such a long and stories career as a Batvillain, I must say that I was very disappointed in the story selection for this slim volume. Why not include the fine early appearance from Detective Comics #73? For a Bronze Age example. Instead of the very silly story from Joker #8, why not include "Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow" from Batman #296? For my money, the post-DKR stories are quite weak. There are far better options than "Fear for Sale" (Detective #570), "Mistress of Fear" (Scarecrow Villains #1) and "Fear of Success" (Gotham Knights #23). Personally, I would have gone with with the Year One story from Batman Annual #19 (even at the expense of removing that 60s story) and if I had room, I'd included Master of Fear from Batman #457. At least they got it right when they included "6 Days of the Scarecrow" from Detective #503. Overall, this comes across as a cash grab and a badly missed opportunity. Can you tell that it rubbed me the wrong way? Trade Mark: C+

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