Friday, July 24, 2009

Add It To My Want List: Showcase #104

I've got most of the issues from the brief late 70s Showcase revival, but have somehow never gotten my hands on this one. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen it while scouring through bargain bins. I've been aware of it forever, but never really took much note of it. That's weird, as I dig war books and the Unknown Soldier is one of my all-time favourite characters - so you'd think an espionage book would be right up my alley, and in my collection. It's not, and I need to change that. The great Kubert cover is enough enticement, but I also understand that the interior artwork in by the late, and always underappreciated Ric Estrada as well as Bill Draut. I wonder if DC had bigger plans for this strip, or if it was just to continue as a part of G.I. Combat. Any major changes were put on hold thanks to the DC Implosion. The hunt begins.


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No I'm not the seller. Just trying to be helpful. I like your blog.

Shamus said...

Also here:

Nik said...

Crying clown + Nazis = awesome

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

It was sad because later issues promised Deadman, The Creeper, & The Huntress!