Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Charlton Notebook: Haunted #37

We’re in the ‘All-Reprint’ era at Charlton here, folks. The editorial approach seemed to be rotating the stories amongst the titles in an efforts into possibly tricking readers into thinking that there was something new to be read. I’m not sure where this cover comes from. It’s by Tom Sutton, but the images/narrative do not line up with the Sutton story from this issue. They both involve a little blonde girl, but that’s about it. Was this leftover inventory or simply images from other interior art cobbled together for this rather odd cover? While the indica states that these stories all originate from 1973, the lead story “Quest for Linda” is obviously a mid-60s story with Nicholas/Alascia artwork. It’s a fairly dull story about a man who has lost his wife while scuba diving. The middle tale, "Everywhere There's Lisa-Anne", is the finest of the three. Nicola Cuti and Tom Sutton collaborate on this story of a special little girl who can appear more in many places at the same time. It’s actually a very well written script and has a nice Twilight Zone feel to it. The final story, “The Painted Smile” is a Gill/Boyette production. It’s another early 70s reprint, but I can’t quite trace its origins. It’s a decent tale about a cuckold husband who develops a rather odd relationship with one of his wife’s dolls. There’s a nice ‘poetic justice’ ending to the whole thing. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s very entertaining read with nice work by both Sutton and Boyette.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Space Adventures DID feature early Captain Atom reprints!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, SA sure as hell did feature CA reprints. Take THAT Haunted 37 and all you other Communists.

Where are my meds?


Mick Vella said...

Are you sure that cover artwork is by Sutton? Looks more like Wayne Howard to me.

eremy A. Patterson said...

1978 also has some issue of 'Billy The Kid' that reprinted the classic Severin stories!

There are also issue of 'Six-Million Dollar Man' & Bionic Woman that ARE ALL-NEW!

Also, the reprints of Doomsday +1 by Byrne!


Scott M said...

I'm not 100% sold on Sutton - but it really looks too 'loose' to be Wayne Howard. I really get the feeling that these are images from some interior story - I just can't figure out from which book they came.

Dan Bailey said...

Maybe Sutton inked by a slightly tighter embellisher? I agree, though -- I don't see Wayne Howard's work here at all.

Neil Anderosn said...

Sanho Kim, maybe? The posing looks stiff to my eye--way too stiff for Sutton, and I agree, it doesn't look like Howard.

Richard Gagnon said...

No, not Kim either. It's one of the South Americans, but I'm not sure which one. Definitely not Nieto, probably not Demetro.

Probably one of the guys whose signature I can never decipher. ;)