Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exit Stage Left: Spectre #62

I'm starting a new semi-regular feature here, where I'll discuss the final issues - the grande finales, the quick exits and those leaving a million unanswered questions. First up is Spectre #62 from February, 1998. This was a fairly important time for me in comic books. I was wrapping up Law School and Grad School, and was only reading a handful of titles on a regular basis. Within a little over a year, three of my favourite series (Spectre, Green Arrow and Sandman Mystery Theatre) were cancelled, and two others (Madman and Astro City) had very frustrating publishing schedules. The end of the Spectre seemed very symbolic to me. It last far longer than I thought it would, as I really thought it was too dense to find a wide audience. I guess it had enough hardcore fans to stick around, and I'm glad that DC gave Ostrander, Mandrake & Co. and opportunity to wrap things up. Most of this dialogue heavy episode takes place in a cemetery, which is quite fitting, as many people from the Spectre-Corrigan's life come by to pay their respects before his final journey. It's intelligent, moving and quite entertaining - a very appropriate farewell to a great series.


Matthew Johnson said...

This was a lovely issue. DC should have let the Spectre stay dead.

Argo Plummer said...

This Spectre series is one of my favorite series ever! I think it is the best think Ostrander has ever done (Suicide Squad is a close second). Ostrander and Mandrake together can do just about anything--hell, they made me read and care about Martian Manhunter for nearly 3 years.

Anyway, this was a great last issue--one of the best, right up there with Starman # 80 and Y the Last Man # 60.

Love the new column idea because the way a series ends is often more interesting than the series itself was and there are often lots of behind the scenes machinations.

Lastly, in 1998 when this issue was published, I too was in graduate school and Sandman Mystery Theatre was another of my favorite titles--very weird.

Nik said...

A very underrated series -- and yes, wish they'd left Corrigan alone.