Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Highlighting House Ads: The Mary Marvel Dress

Here's a really fun ad from Nyoka, the Jungle Girl #6 from 1947. Mary Marvel faces the same problems as any teenage girl in post-war America; trying to get a new dress for Easter for under $3.00. I can hardly imagine solving that problem, as I'm certain I paid twice that amount to have some pants dry cleaned for church this past Easter Sunday. Mary flies off to see Madame Adele for assistance. I was kind of hoping that Madame Adele would turn out to be the Madame Xanadu of the Fawcettverse, but she's only a seamstress. I like how the text explains how the 'cute puff sleeves' will make it perfect for Easter and Sunday School. I also noted that Marvel Marvel Enterprises Inc. seemed to be a fully distinct corporate entity. I'd like to know what else they tried to sell to young readers. They just don't make them like this anymore, folks. Too bad.


Dr. Retro said...

What a prime example of how comics have always reflected the cultural norms of Western society, as if Easter and Sunday school are just givens. As a Christian I find it quite interesting how the values have changed and wonder sometimes if I were born too late.

Another interesting aside is why a super-heroine whose powers originate largely from pagan gods would even want an Easter dress. Kids probably didn't notice. And how about that "Gay" flower print?

Times have indeed changed. But was the Golden Age really the good ole' days when the 40s also brought the bloodiest war in history?

And who would have imagined back then the dark Mary who for a time did Darkseid's bidding?

Just some random thoughts. Thanks for sharing this.

Jacque Nodell said...

Thats neat! I didn't even know there was a Mary Marvel Enterprises, Inc. I am also curious what other things they sold!