Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hidden Gems: Our Army at War #201

Ok, so the obvious question is - how is a 1969 comic with a Kanigher/Kubert story a 'hidden' gem? Isn't it simply a 'gem'? Well, the hidden part is one of the back-up stories included in this issue. "Drummer of Waterloo" is notable for two reason. First, it is a wonderful Berni Krigstein-drawn story that first appeared in Our Army At War #14 (September, 1953). Secondly, this was the only time it was reprinted. DC did not give Greg Sadowski permission to reprint this story in his wonderful collection: B Krigstein Comics - even those it was cleaned up with a new colour job by the great Marie Severin. That seems like a shockingly stupid decision on DC's part, as the samples shown by Sadowski look amazing. For now, this is the only way to get the full story at a relatively inexpensive price (believe me - the 1969 version is much, much easier on the wallet than the original). If Kubert and Krigstein aren't quiet enough to convince you, there's also a 1956 Andru/Esposito tale thrown into the mix as well. Happy hunting!

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