Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You've Been Warned: Teen Titans Spotlight #7

This is a classic example of a missed opportunity. The character of Hawk, during this post-Ditko/pre-Armageddon 2001 period is really ripe for a little good natured fun. You've got this totally ridiculous character, who just doesn't fit the superhero mould, as he's more than happy to punch anyone who dares disagree with him. Mike Baron almost gets it - like when he alludes to the fact that the Titans do not endorse Hawk's attendance at an anti-terrorism conference. Of course, Hawk's champing at the bit for terrorist to strike so that he can work out some of his Daddy issues. Unfortunately, Baron isn't able to maintain the theme of having fun at Hawk's expense and the story descends into a typically dull and silly showdown. By the time we meet the enemy, a giant 4-legged insect named Arachnid (I kid you not), it feels like we're trapped in some sort of humourless Bizarro Tick universe. This is very early Jackson Guice, and it's really not my cup of tea. It's got that very poorly proportioned and angular look that haunted so many comics during this period. Avoid.

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