Friday, August 07, 2009

Quick DVD Reviews

Son of Rambow
This one had the potential to be a bunch of sentimental crap. There’s something about lonely British boys that makes me cringe – too many Freddy Highmore movies, perhaps. The thing is, this one maintain enough intelligence and ironic fun to keep a viewer engaged. Everything from the early 80s setting to the uber cool, and yet strangely androgynous look French exchange student, helps to breathe some life into this funny and sad coming of age story. Sure, there are cloying moments – but they are few and far between. If you’re looking for a strong comedy with enough of a story to maintain your interest, you should check this one out. Grade: B+

Wow. I absolutely loved this movie. I never thought that it would be so well paced. Like many, I’m often guilty of accusing Ron Howard of being merely a competent director, but he does an excellent job of translating the material from stage to screen. Both leads are tremendous, but I really feel that Michael Sheen was robbed at award nomination time. Grade: A-

Weeds – Season 3

I just flew through the season on DVD over the last couple of weeks. It’s got a much darker, more sinister vibe to it than the previous season. I’m not sure I love the More Thugs/Less Nealon math. All in all, I feel like the series is starting to spins its wheels. Andy has become 100% superfluous and I’m not sure if I can take another scene of Mary Louise Parker coming to the realization that she’s actually a drug dealer. The “Whichever Olsen Twin it was” stunt casting was a poor decision. Still, it’s a fun and unique series and I’ll likely stick with it until the end. Grade: B-

Star Trek (2009)
I am by no means much of a Trekkie/Trekker. I watched the original series in reruns here and there as a kid, read some of the Gold Key comics and my parents took me to see the Motionless Picture and Wrath of Khan in theatres when I was 6 and 9 respectively. Still, I think I have feel for the characters and the universe they inhabit. I wasn’t sure what to think of this remake, until I saw the trailer. I was blown away and couldn’t wait to see it. It totally lived up to my expectations. The casting was spot on, the script was updated without being too hip and the mixture of action, comedy and drama was just about perfect. If that that opening sequence doesn’t put a lump in your throat; you may not be human. I anxiously await the sequel. Grade: A

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Dr. Retro said...

Thanks for the Star Trek review without spoiling anything. It has just come to our discount theater so I've still got a chance to see it on the big screen. Thanks to your review, I think I will.