Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Marvel Two-In-One #96

I've always liked the Thing, but I must admit that both the Fantastic Four and Marvel Two in One were waaaaay down on my list of 'must buys' when I first started reading comics. In fact, I think that this was the only issue of this series that I ever bought off the rack. I'm pretty sure that I must have been sold on the cover, as it was pretty funny and promised appearances by Daredevil and Spider-Man, two characters I followed religiously at that point in time. It's a pretty funny book, and holds up just fine as a standalone story. Ben Grimm is nursing some serious injuries and most of the Marvel Universe's also-ran villains have decided to take a shot at his while he is infirm. This leads to a few, quick and funny showdowns with other heroes and culminates in one rather large battle royale. My only real wish is that that splash page with all the heroes and villains had been better executed; but that's splitting hairs. We end with a nice exchange between the Thing and Sandman with a nod to Casablanca. All in all, it's a goofy piece of comic book history and one that makes me smile every time I pick it up.


Blair said...

This is one of my alltime favourite series! A classic issue was the Thing and Sandman chewing the cud over a few cold ones - #88 off the the top of my head,(I could be wrong!) Great site!

Scott M said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Blair. I'm getting my MTIO fix these days via the Essential series. I'm nearly done with Vol #2.