Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trade Marks: The Nobody

I picked this up yesterday and plowed through it last night. I should really review it next week when I've had some time to digest it, but I want to tap into my giddiness. Let me start off by saying that Jeff Lemire has joined the very, very short list of creators whose work I'll buy without without question and sight unseen. We're in Eisner and Moore territory here, folks. The Nobody proves that the Essex County Trilogy (reviewed by me last October) was no fluke, and confirms that Lemire is one of the strongest voices in the medium today. Sound like a lot of hyperbole? Well, until Lemire makes a misstep I'm keeping him in the upper echelon.

The Nobody uses Welles' The Invisible Man as a springboard to explore issues of loneliness, xenophobia and mob mentality in small town America. While the Griffin (Griffen here) character is certainly the main focus, the teenage narrator (I like the fact that she's female) really serves as the heart and soul of the story. The two develop a bit of an oddball and yet endearing relationship which is disturbed when Griffen's past and the town's collective suspicion collide. The action builds slowly, and Lemire wisely steers clear of the sight gags that make the film so entertaining. Although I do like the fact that the fate of the Kemp character was more in line with the film than the book. It's a terrific little story, made even more poignant by its somewhat ambiguous (at least to me) ending. Trade Mark: A

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