Friday, August 21, 2009

Water Skiing Covers

I'm off for 10 days or so for summer vacation, but before I go I decided to leave you with a little taste of summer.

World's Finest Comics often featured covers of the terrific trio engaging in good clean fun. Win Mortimer's terrific cover to World's Finest Comics #62 (Sept-Oct 1952) is a great example. Of course, Batman and Robin are using some sort of surfboard or mono-ski, but I don't want to split hairs here as we would be here all day discussing the size of the wake and the difficulties of holding onto a rope with one hand. Although Aquaman could probably also pull water skiers, he's probably too lazy and would just have a couple of beluga's do his dirty work.

Although a majority of the covers feature boxing scenes, Joe Palooka is often an excellent source for various theme covers. Joe Palooka #109 (January, 1960) is from late in the series run, when they began relying more on Humphrey gags. I'm not really sure what is going on here, but at least Joe looks like he's having fun. It's a nice break from all that bear punching and gator wrestling. It looks as though Humphrey is trying to use alpine skis in the water. That would be his first mistake.

The cover to Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies #93 (July, 1949) is fantastic. I love just how dapper Porky Pig looks. I never tried barefooting (heck, I still need to drop a ski in order to slalom), but I bet it helps when you have flippers for feet like Bugs. I do know that you have to be going at a pretty high speed, so Porky is getting quite a ride. Holding with one hand is much easier when there's a handle. Perhaps the Dynamic Duo should take pointers from Porky and Bugs.

Jaws may very well be be the perfect summer movie, but I was far too young for it during its initial release. I was probably still too young for Jaws 2, but I definitely remember having those trading cards with shots of the orca carcass and the boat on fire. The image from the movie poster was spoofed by Jack Rickard on the cover of Mad #204 (Jan, 1979). For the record, Crazy also went with the water skiing scene with a nice Bob Larkin cover, but Cracked went with a fishing gag.

I am positively in love with the cover to Lovelorn #28 (August 1952). I wish that I had a better sense of who drew what at ACG, as I really enjoy their romance books from the 50s and this is a very strong issue. While this couple certainly looks cute, there's really no way they could ever ski that close to each other. They also seem completely oblivious to the fact that they driver is heading towards that ramp. My father-in-law is crazy about old wooden boats, so I should probably start collecting covers with wooden boats.

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