Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hidden Gems: Invaders Annual #1

Many of you may already know all about this book, but those of you who do not are in for a real treat. I don't know the full story of how Roy Thomas pulled it off, but he managed to put together a group of incredible Golden Age talent for this issue. Granted, it may not the greatest story ever told, but fans of Timely and Standard/Nedor will be thrilled to see the Alex Schomburg cover. They will be even more thrilled to discover that there are also 6 pages of Schomburg artwork inside. The maestro had not done any work for Marvel for more than a quarter century, so it was quite a coup. Not only that, but the underrated Don Rico was brought to draw the Captain America story and I don't think he'd done any work for Marvel since the early 1960s. Two other Golden Age greats (Lee Elias and Frank Robbins) also contributed chapter, but they were still going strong at Marvel at the time. Kudos to Mr. Thomas for putting this group together and paying homage to the past.

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