Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Green Lantern/Green Arrow #119

I don't think that this was the first Green Lantern comic book I ever owned (that would have been #93), but it was certainly one of the first. Just how many times did GL claim not to have time to help with some 'minor' matter? Wouldn't it take him less time to make a mountain of green feathers than to answer Ollie's question? I've always like Alex Saviuk artwork, and he's a very, very nice guy, but Dick Giordano's inks really add some 'Wow' factor. Of course, the scene doesn't quite play out like this inside - but it's DC in the late 70s, so bait and switch is pretty common. There are two things in this book that really left an impression on me. The first were the sailing space ships. It was a unique design, and the sails almost looked like umbrellas. The second thing I remember is this scene involving a junkie in a drug store. I don't think that I had scene drugs referenced in comics up to this point, and I didn't full understand what was going on. It's nothing spectacular, but a good, solid issue nonetheless.

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