Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Married With Clickers Podcast: Give Us a Listen

Hey, SOTI regulars. I know that you are out there. This blog gets thousands of visitors a month, and yet I don't get the sense (from downloads and feedback) that many of you have tried listening to the podcast I do with my wife. We're up to our 15th show now, and I think that we're finally finding our groove. So, download an episode or two and give us a listen. Better yet, subscribe through iTunes. When you send in feedback, let us know that you visit SOTI.

Episode 15: We have just returned from from a nice child-free vacation feeling tanned, rested and ready. This week, we discuss The Lives Of Others, so put on your earphones and listen in on us discussing people listening in on other people. We've also seen a few movies (thanks, Air Canada) so you'll hear our quick thoughts on The Fighter, Dinner for Schmucks and Out of the Past. This week we want to hear your recommendation for terrific directorial debuts, as well as disappointing second films.

Episode 14: It had to happen. The two of us cannot sit down for too long without someone referencing The Lost Boys, so it was high time we discussed this 1987 love letter to mullets and fangs. Does it still hold up? Was Dianne Wiest born a Mom? Why can't we get that song out of our heads? We ponder the future of Survivor after the shot of adrenaline provided by Redemption Island. Scott also takes a couple of minutes to discuss his aborted attempt at watching 2008's The Spirit. This week, we want you to recommend an underappreciated Joel Schumacher movie. Feedback helps to ward off vampires, so email us at marriedwithclickers at gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at 206-338-0793

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