Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You've Been Warned: Green Lantern #62

I try to keep an open mind about the Insurance Salesman Era of the Green Lantern title, I really do. I also happen to be a big fan of Jack Sparling, and can appreciate what he brings to the table (I know that not everyone is a fan). That being said, this particular issue is a prime example of why the series needed a kick in the pants. Hal spends a lot of time in his street clothes, and I really don't think the series works as a Johnny Double clone. The plot is beyond convoluted, as it involves a gadget called a Chronolometer, which can someone 'see' where a piece of gold has been. It's a pretty lame device, but allows the villains to see that Hal Jordan and Green Lantern are one and the same. It's a very dialogue heavy script by Gardiner Fox, and the dialogue is terrible. The story only briefly comes to life when Sparling shows GL in action - his layouts are dynamic. This one is an 'avoid', even for Sparling fans. If you are not a fan, I guess that you should avoid with extreme prejudice.

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Ray Tomczak said...

If you're a fan of Jack Sparling, are you aware of the two issues of DC's "Welcome Back, Kotter" comic he penciled back in 1975. I just did a post on my blog about that series. (click on my name to read it)