Monday, April 25, 2011

Single Issue Hall of Fame: FC #1213 - Mysterious Island

While the Jules Verne novel has been adapted a few times (Classics Illustrated #34 and Marvel Classic Comics #11 come to mind), this comic actually adapts the 1961 film co-produced by Ray Harryhausen. The story itself is your typical adventure romp, with lots of giant monster peril scattered throughout. The real selling point for this issue is the incredible artwork by Tom Gill. I know Gill mostly for his work on Lone Ranger, and I have always admired his storytelling and clean lines. What a treat it is to see him work in a different genre. His layouts and character designs are impeccable. I believe this story was inked by a very young Herb Trimpe, who served as an assistant to Gill in the early 60s.

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