Friday, April 29, 2011

Reprint This! Blonde Phantom

Between the Essentials, Masterworks and various other TPB collections, Marvel has traditionally done a very good job keeping much of its superhero fare in the public eye. I can understand why some of its more obscure titles, such as Blaze the Wonder Collie, may never been reprinted, but it astounds me that we haven't see a Blonde Phantom book. Now, I don't exactly follow all of the latest comic book 'news', but as far as I know there are no immediate plans to put out a BP volume. That's crazy. The entire concept is cool, and she has one of the best female character designs of all-time. The back issues are far too expensive for most collectors to even consider. This would be a great chance to showcase the artwork of Syd Shores at the top of his game, as many of us have only seen his work on early 70s titles like Red Wolf and Gunhawks. We'd also get a chance to see work by the likes of Ken Bald and Vernon Henkel. Where is this one? It has got to be just around the corner.


Anonymous said...

You are right, the Blonde Phantom series and the Timely Miss America series had some excellently written stories and beautiful artwork. My guess is that many comic book dealers don't want their single copies of the Blonde Phantom books to go down in value. I have 3 of the Blonde Phantom books that I bought years ago. I can't afford to buy them anymore. Blonde Phantom and the Miss America series begs to be reprinted.

Steven Lantz said...

I read your story on Blonde Phantom and I agree. I had in the 1970's one issue of this. I called Marvel Comics years ago to give them an idea. The idea was to reprint this to. They didn't want the idea. They told me that they don't take unsolicited submissions. Before that, 5 years ago, I wrote to Marvel Comics. I gave them the idea to make a movie on Blonde Phantom. I gave them many reasons why. They never wrote back to me to this day. I would appreciate, if you can write back to me with a response. This would show me how you fell about this message. It would also tell me you received it. I don't own my own computer. I don't have an E-Mail address. I am sending this on a library's computer. My name is Steven Lantz. My address is 1601 West 5th St., Brooklyn N.Y. 11223.