Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hidden Gems: Haunted #49

Have you ever dreamed up picking up an old 50s Ditko mystery book for a dollar? Well, sometimes dreams do come true. Dotted throughout various Charlton titles during that company's Reprint Era (late 70s), you will find some books that contain stories dating back 20+ years. Haunted #49 is a great example of this phenomenon. It reprints Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #4 from 1957. A nice copy of the original could set you back $100, and that's if you can find it. I've found that bidding on old Ditko books to be a full time profession for many comic book fans out there. If you have less money, but perhaps the same level of patience, I highly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for an issue of Haunted #49. I'll keep mine peeled for more hidden gems to recommend. Happy Hunting!

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