Monday, December 01, 2008

Trade Marks: Adam Strange Archives, Vol. 1

There aren't many times that I will advocate that you track down a hardcover version of reprinted material, but this is one of them. For this great collection of colourful, glossy space opera action, I fully advocate for the premium version. Adam Strange is cut from the same cloth as Buck Rogers and John Carter, which isn't a huge surprise as Gardner Fox wrote countless stories for the pulps. If you've read enough Fox stories (both in pulps and funnybooks), you know that he's got great ideas, but the execution can come up a bit short at times. He brings it all together as Adam's adventures on Rann are great stories, filled with fully formed imaginative ideas. What struck me most, however, was just how great the artwork by Mike Sekowsky was on the first few issues. I always associated the character with Carmine Infantino, but it's apparent that Sekowsky played a crucial role in establishing the strip's visual tone. Sure, the stories get a bit formulaic after a while, but that's to be expected. I think that Jim Amash is a fine comic book historian, and his intro here is a joy to read. Far superior to many of the overviews inserted into these volumes. Trade Mark: A

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