Friday, December 05, 2008

Neil Young

No funnybook talk today, folks. I'm still coming down from last night's show at the ACC. This is probably the 10th time I've seen Neil over the last 20 years and he is still so unbelievably amazing. I just cannot get over his intensity at age 63. So many selections seems handpicked just for me. I got my Everybody Knows, Powderfinger and Cowgirl (still waiting on Revolution Blues and Don't Be Denied - but I'm not holding my breath). These songs are part of my DNA and hearing them again makes my mind race all over the place to various parts of my life. The whole thing was almost like an out of body experience. Oh yeah - Wilco opened and they were good but Neil is Neil. I just love the guy and I'm dreading the day he stops touring.


Craig. said...

Neil stop touring? As long as he's still got that old limo (which he is in the process of converting into an electric car... very cool) Shakey will always be hitting the road. He was just in Halifax last week. Sadly I missed out this time, but you are right he is truly amazing... both live and in session. Craig (B-D)

Scott M said...


As I said to you via email - it was amazing and i hope he never stops, but he's the same age as my Dad (who has just retired) - so the road must come to an end at some point.

Long may he run!

edward said...

He barely tours now! Well, at least compared to Bob. Saw him in "Detroit" on Sunday and he was fantastic. "A Day In The Life" for an encore - amazing!

Joe Blow said...

yea yeah for a hard core leftie he aint bad or should I say was not bad..loved his first three of four albums ..but Neil baby wake up it is not the 60's any more