Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You've Been Warned: DC Comics Presents #56

I think the main difference between the Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents is that when B&B stories go off the deep end; it's charming. When a DCCP story does the same, it's just annoying. This generic inter dimensional car wreck was written by Paul Kupperberg, who obviously dreamt up the villain, Maaldor the Darklord, by combining all of those lame 'warrior' villains that popped up in Superman stories throughout the 70s. Here, our Parallel Earths cousins have been transported into innerspace to serve as sport for Maaldor (who would look a lot more menacing if he didn't have Little Orphan Annie hair), but they ultimately triumph by... well, to be quite honest, I kind of dozed off towards the end. Kara is totally wasted here, saying little more than 'Hey, don't underestimate me - I'm in the JSA'. to ever appear in a 70 Superman story.
That's it until the new year folks! I'm computer-free for the holidays!


Atomic Dawg said...

That's a fantastic Kane cover, though. (Jessica Drew).

ComputerArtBobbyC said...

On the way home from Christmas visiting, my wife and I stopped in an antique store that we have often noticed on I-75 south of Detroit. I found a booth there that had piles of 70s era comics, so many that I couldn't pour through every pile. But, based on posts you have made, I picked up an issue of Mystery in Space (with a signed Joe Kubert cover, no less) and two issues of E-Man. I also found several issues of Kamandi (I bought one) and one very nice copy of Kirby's Black Panther (issue 2). Thanks!