Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Loves Me Some Horror Etc Podcast !!

I didn't get my own iPod until earlier this year, so I've been a bit slow jumping on the podcast bandwagon. For months, I listened mainly to comic book podcasts but have yet to find one that hits all the right notes for me. It was a happy accident that that I stumble upon the Horror Etc podcast, hosted by Ted and Anthony, who happen to live just a two hour drive to the east of me. Their podcast, which is released weekly, focuses mainly on horror movies - but they are happy talking about almost any type of film. It's a wonderful podcast, buoyed by the terrific rapport between the two hosts. It's intelligent without getting too esoteric, as they delve into a wide range of films from Son of Dracula to Shawn of the Dead. They don't take things too seriously and thankfully everything is 'snark free' and proudly Canadian. If you're up for something new to help pass the time - check it out.

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