Thursday, December 18, 2008

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Black Cat #63

In the summer of 1962, Leon Harvey decided to jump aboard the superhero bandwagon by relaunching Black Cat, which was last seen as Black Cat Mystic four years earlier. For some reason (perhaps because it was the summer reading season), they went with the 25 cent 'giant' format. I'd imagine that some children at the time found the stories to be a bit dated, but it's a real treasure trove for today's readers looking to read some Golden Age goodness for a lot less money. This issue (along with issues 63 and 65) are comprised of classic Black Cat stories from the earliest incarnation of the title. Most of these are from the Bob Haney/Lee Elias team and are very entertaining. Our heroine's alter ego, Linda Turner, is a movie star - so Hollywood or movie sets often serve as the backdrop. This is a lot of good, clean late 40s fun with very stylish art. The real highlights are this issue are the one-page 'Judo Tricks' that were featured in the original issues. Now, you too will be able to fend off muggers etc... Although this isn't the cheapest book out there, if you can find one for $10-$15, it's well worth picking up.

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