Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lee Elias: Playing With Light

While browsing some old Harvey covers recently, I noticed how many covers by the wonderful Lee Elias feature very interesting lighting effects using glass or water. Elias designs wonderful covers, and this was a neat trick to help them jump of the crowded newsstands. The cover to Chamber of Chills #19 is one of the greatest horror covers of all-time. I just love the way that Elias has constructed this image. The face seen through the brandy snifter is perfectly juxtaposed against the woman's beautiful face. It's a really elegant and yet totally eerie visual. Bonus points for those awesome cuff links!

I love covers that show both above and below the water's surface. It's an opportunity for the artist to draw two separate worlds. The cover to Tomb of Terror #16 has it all - a beautiful woman, an old grotto filled with bones and a zombie with a kung fu grip. The color job here is wonderful - with reds and pinks above the surface and greens and blacks below. Elias uses the different colors and lighting effects to portray the difference between life and death. This was the final issue to this excellent series - just a brilliant finish!

We get a much more cartoony cover with Witches Tales #13, as seems to happen with that title for some reason. It's still very cool and a lot of fun. A group of victims have been miniaturized and are no residents of the "Terror Jar". The really great lighting effect here is the slightly altered images we see as we look through the the other side of the jar. The 'Igor' type character's face is made even uglier when seen through the glass. Also, the skin tones are change from somewhat flesh colored to a strange glowing orange. A very fun effect put to good use. Lee Elias was a true master, and I'll certainly be taking a look at more of his work in the not too distant future.


Joey Deadcat said...

That Chamber Of Chills cover has become famous via The Misfits' Die,Die, My Darling

Scott M said...

I had no idea (just googled the image) - that's soooo cool. Thanks.

Shamus said...

So that's where the Misfits got that image from. I still have my old t-shirt bought on Yonge Street in the 80s. "Die! Die! My Darling!"