Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Add It To My Want List: Battlefield Action #84

Weaving your way through the maze of Charlton reprints from the late 70s and early 80s can be exhausting. More than once, I've picked up a cheap book with the hopes that some forgotten Ditko or Aparo drawn gem was inside, only to be disappointed by stories produced by 3rd tier creators. Battlefield Action 84 (December, 1983), however, holds a great deal of promise. The Overstreet Guide notes that this book contains three reprinted reprints with Jack Kirby artwork. The GCD notes that one is certainly Kirby, while two have a (?) following his name, as well as the comment that the stories come from Foxhole. Well, even if there's only a single Kirby story inside (and my bet that that they are all Kirby), this one is worth tracking down as I'm sure there's a copy sitting in a dollar bin somewhere just waiting for me to find it and give it a good home.


benday-dot/craig said...

I had no idea such a title existed. I knew of the Charlton/Mainline connection, but of this title specifically. Thanks Scott!

Scott M said...

This title actually launched in 1957, but I believe it had at least one long hiatus.

I'm not sure if other issues have Kirby reprints, but my guess is that they are 99% Bill Molno, Charles Nicholas and Co.

Aaron Bias said...

I thought I might actually have this issue to offer you. Sadly, I only have #83.