Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Marvel Treasury Edition #17

First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that Treasury sized comics are awesome. Sure, they can be tough to store and all that, but they are awesome so let's just move on. This particular gem features a very impressive and powerful cover (I think the original art sold a while back for $8,000 or so), and a very nice back cover as well. Fans of Herb Trimpe's Hulk will love this one. It leads off with the the Glob story from Incredible Hulk #121, which is a must have for any muck monster fan. Following that are some of the best early 70s tales with appearances by Havok, Rhino and the Leader. It even includes the Golem story from Incredible Hulk #134. Sure, all of these stories have now been reprinted in the 'Essentials' line, but there is something to be said for experiencing them in this format - as it takes a pretty big page to contain the Hulk.


benday-dot/craig said...

My third favourite Treasury issue. The first being the reprint of Amazing Spider Man Annual #1 with Ditko brilliance blown large, the second being Thor vs. Mangog with Kirby brilliance blown large. But in solid third is this Hulk issue. That Havoc story, with Trimpe/Severin art, is one of the 70's Hulk's greatest, showing some really hyperbolic Hulk feats of strenghth. I have a great run of 70's Hulk floppies, but never saw the need to duplicate any of those particular originals when I had this giant wonder reproducing them all the more impressively. Craig.

Rob said...

Scott, did you see DC is doing a Showcase of one of the romance-horror anthology series you featured awhile back, Secrets of Sinister House?

Scott M said...

Craig - this was my first Hulk comic ever, so it holds a pretty special place for me too.

Rob - I hadn't heard that. I'd be very interested in checking that out. I've only got a few issues from that series, so it will be great to see it collected.