Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Highlighting House Ads: Ajax-Farrell Horror Ad

Here's an interesting ad from Strange Fantasy #2 (Oct, 1952), announcing the full family of horror titles produced by Ajax-Farrell. While Voodoo, Fantastic Fears and Haunted Thrills were certainly pre-Code mainstays, many of these titles were not. The first issue of Strange was cover dated May, 1957. Strange Journey and Dark Shadows were also post-Code titles first appearing in 1957, but they were published by America's Best, a separate imprint of Ajax-Farrell, under the Steinway banner. There was no Bewitched until Dell adapted the TV series in 1965; 7 years after Ajax-Farrell ceased operations. Finally, I am sad to say that there has never been a comic book series entitled Suspooks. That's a shame.

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