Thursday, October 29, 2009

Charlton Notebok: War #8

I don't own many Charlton war comic books, but I found this on in a dollar bin and could not pass up the opportunity to give it a test drive, as I was intrigued by the Pat Boyette cover. This series was launched in 1975, as part of a strange little mini-explosion at Charlton. I don't know that the marketplace was screaming for a new middle of the road war title, but this one did last until '84. The lead story is actually very impressive, focusing on a ambulance driver who became a pilot with a group of American volunteers during the early days of WW1. The GCD suggests that the art might be from someone name Colmeiro. If they mean Antonio Colmeiro, that would make sense as it has a very classic look and he worked with agencies sending stuff to Derby. The second story recounts how a young and inexperienced officer gained the respect of his troops during the march from Ohio to Manassas (Bull Run). Finally, we get a rather interesting tale about the start of the Mexican war. I'm not sure who drew this one, but I imagine it's also one of the many Spanish artists sending work to Charlton at the time. Overall, it was a very enjoyable read and a pleasant surprise. Low expectations will do that to you, though.

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