Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reprint This! Green Arrow : The Wonder Year

As I've likely mentioned one or twice or a dozen times, I was a huge fan of Mike Grell's Green Arrow series. In 1993, a little miniseries was released that nearly slipped below my radar. Sure, Green Arrow's origin tale had been told many, many times - but I guess that Grell wanted a shot at it. Everyone in the DCU deserved their own Year One, don't they? Now there are countless miniseries from the 90s, so why does this one deserve a reprint? Two words: Gray Morrow. This is one of the last comic books works of Morrow's that I bought off the racks. He inks his own pencils here (over Grell's layouts), and it looks exquisite. For some reason, Gray Morrow is not a name I hear people mentioned very often when the all-time greats are discussed. That's a shame as the man could draw anything. I'd love to see the late artist's talent showcased for a new generation by putting this one back into circulation. Even if this story is no longer a part of the Arrow Family canon, it still deserves to be seen. Failing that, I hope that the Grell stuff will eventually gets the Showcase Presents treatment, and it would be wise if DC puts included this one.

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