Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Add It To My Want List: Weird War Tales #36

I knew that this series never had a 100-pager, but I hadn't realized that it had one of these 64 page Giants from 1975. This was a terrific mini-era at DC and these thick books are terrific value. I have many of them from various superhero titles and a Tarzan book, but this one was never on my radar screen. It appears to be a mixture of new and old stories. The great news is that the reprints are taken from the very earliest issues of Weird War Tales, and those are pretty pricey on the back issue market. We get stories by Kanigher, Oleck and Drake with artwork by the likes of Crandall, Kubert and Thorne. Sure, anthologies are pretty hit and miss, but even if this one is only half decent, that's still 32 pages of weird fun. The search begins!

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b-d/craig said...

It is worth tracking down Scott. I picked up a copy just for that Kubert cover, in which we are treated to a sort of best of scenario by the master. Kubert here gets to exercise his immense skills at rendering both scenes of war and the primitive, each long a specialty of his. But the choice of stories reprinted are pretty good as well. WWT was a series that had a strong beginning as well as a strong end, with middle parts maybe the weakest segment. Thanks Scott. Craig