Wednesday, September 01, 2010

You've Been Warned: Jonny Double (1998)

I'm a big fan of Jonny Double from his appearance in Showcase, and have always heard great things about Brian Azzarello. I picked up this miniseries for a buck a pop at a local shop yesterday. I know Azzarello more by his reputation than by his work itself. I would imagine that he can do a lot better than this stylish, yet very sloppy story about a heist gone wrong. There is next to no characterization regarding the supporting characters (of which there are at least 2 or 3 too many), and Jonny runs the gamut from softie to mercenary. The plot is far too complex for a mere 4 issues, and it all wraps up far too quickly at the end. Eduardo Risso's artwork is nicely atmospheric in parts, but his storytelling is far from coherent in parts. There are some good ideas here, but it is poorly assembled.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

I have the first issue of this series!


thingslikei said...

Thanks for the warning - I almost bought the set last week, and I was thinking of going back for it.