Thursday, September 02, 2010

Exit Stage Left: Jonah Hex #92

Although this was the final issue of the initial Jonah Hex series, it really wasn't the end for everybody's favourite western anti-hero. First of all, the 'last' Jonah Hex story was told years earlier and the final page of this issue propels our storyline into the distant future. In another sense, it really is the end of an era as DC and Marvel had been hammer nails into the coffin of the western genre for over a decade at this point. In some ways, it's quite shocking that Jonah Hex lasted until 1985. I guess I can understand why readers might have felt this type of book was anachronistic, as both Michael Fleisher's script and Gray Morrow's artwork seem to be from a different era. From where I'm sitting, however, it works just fine.

The story here is another strong 'one and done' story with Hex protecting a young girl who has witnessed a murder. Hex tries to keep her safe, while hunting down the outlaws. Inter cut with this is the story of Emmy's flight from a killer. Hex isn't a particularly attractive man, but he really is some sort of chick magnet. As I've stated before, I'm a huge fan of Morrow's artwork and he is in fine form here. The storytelling is superb, with some terrific action sequences. Although the futuristic Hex series has become quite infamous over the years, I appreciate the fact that this was not really a Jonah's final goodbye, but more of an 'until we meet again'.


Andrew Wahl said...


I never read Jonah Hex as a kid as I just wasn't a fan of the Western genre. This series has a lot of fans, though, and I'm curious to try out a few issues. This just might be one of. Thanks for the review.


Gernot said...

I was never a BIG fan of Jonah Hex, though I did read several issues, the JLA books he'd appeared in, Crisis, and Hex.

I've got a question here: Did they ever resolve this particular cliff-hanger? :)