Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reprint This! Caught

There are many lot of superb titles published by Atlas during the 1950s, many of which are not likely to be seen in a nice, shiny trade paperback. One of those series is Caught, a fun crime-themed book that ran for a mere 5 issues from August, 1956 to April, 1957. Some people focus only on pre-Code crime, and that's a shame as there were still plenty of fun, albeit less violent, stories to be told. These pages are filled with inventive 4 or 5 page morality plays featuring all kinds of low-lifes and shady characters. In my opinion, many of these have a noirish feel that was absent from a lot of the 'rob a bank/hideout/shootout with police' stories that populate so many crime comics.

A collection of these stories would evidence the fact that, during this period, Atlas had as good a bullpen as any company at any point in four color history. Each and every issue of Caught featured a terrific cover by John Severin. On the inside, you will find stories drawn by the likes of Berni Krigstein, Don Heck, Reed Crandall and Joe Maneely. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think a single story from this series has ever been reprinted. This would, of course, be a fairly slim volume coming in somewhere around 125 pages, but that would be 125 pages of pure bliss. Come on, Marvel - I'll be willing to bet that there are tens, if not dozens, of people out there who'd buy this.


Brad said...

I'd buy it! Yeah, me and probably a handful of others... I'm with you though, I love the old crime stories from Atlas, even after the code kicked in.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a few issues and they are worth seeking out. I feel the crime stories are some of the best Atlas work of the period.

Nick C.

Scott M said...

And when Mr. Caputo speaks, Marvel should listen!

Are you listening Marvel??

What? They don't follow my blog?

Man of Bronze said...

So far, I have bought all the Atlas Era Masterworks that Marvel has published. And will continue to do so if they keep them coming.

Maybe they could match the CAUGHT short 5 issues series with another short series of the same theme, like they did for the BLACK KNIGHT/YELLOW CLAW volume (my favorite so far).

Fred W. Hill said...

That doctor in "The Man Who Followed" looks like he could have been the pre-accident, pre-mystical Dr. Strange. That cover is pretty awesome -- an example of Joe Maneely art?