Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Gil Kane Cover of the Month: Strange Adventures #17

Here's an early Kane sci-fi cover. This was the last of six consecutive covers Kane did for Strange Adventures. From what I can tell, Kane inked it himself. That normally works for me, but there is a thinness to the line that detracts from the overall impact of this cover. It is an interesting perspective, as readers feel as though they are on the ground with the synthetic man - almost as if we are part of the chemical soup. I really love the aliens, too as these two seems to be prototypes for aliens Kane would use for the remainder of his career. With all the action in the foreground, however, we're left with some real dead space around Captain Comet. To my eyes, this is the cover's greatest weakness as the yellow becoming overwhelming. I like simple, but parts of this are just too simple.

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