Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comic Book Robot of the Month: The Sleeper

Remember that scene in the Infinity Gauntlet where Captain American takes on Thanos? Well, one of Cap's earliest 'David vs. Goliath' moments came on the cover to Tales of Suspense #72. The image of Captain America clinging to one of the Sleeper's cleats really caught my attention as a child, and this was one of the first Silver Age books I ever bought. How could any 9 year old boy, regardless of whether it is 1965, 1980 or 2010, possibly pass up on this cover? It introduces one of the all-time greatest robots in comicdom, the Sleeper.

What exactly is a Sleeper? Well, it's a giant Nazi robot that smashes its way out of a mountainside on 'Der Tag', programmed to wreak havoc and bring Hitler's dream to reality. This is one of the issues with George Tuska pencilling over Kirby layouts. I really think they worked well together as a team. The design is all kinds of retro-awesome, with a dome top, spiked ski boots and energy-blast shooting lobster claws for hands. Despite Cap's best efforts, the Sleeper wins Round One and the story continues in the new issue. It's definitely one of the best robots of the Marvel Age of Comics. 'Nuff said.


craig said...

Right on Scott. Kudos for highlighting the Sleeper. Now that's a robot!

Scott M said...

Thanks Craig - it really is the King of all 60s Nazibots.