Friday, January 30, 2009

Charlton Notebook: Haunted #56

This is a solid early 80s reprint collection. The first one is quite entertaining with nice Frank Bolle artwork. It features a town recluse who survives by offering sacrifices to the creatures in his basement. There's a nice 'just deserts' ending. The second story 'Subway Stop' might be Tom Sutton's Charlton masterpiece. It's a hallucinogenic trip through Edgar Allen Poe's mind with the Universal Movie Monsters along for the ride. It is simply fantastic - a feast for the eyes and fun for any horror buff. Finally, we conclude with a decent, but not great, Ditko drawn story about a vengeful Indian spirit.

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Dan Bailey said...

y'know, I'm pretty sure I never knew that Bolle had done any Charlton work. (I know & love him from his Gold Key appearances.) This ish is now on my pending Mile High order, & I'm going through your other "Charlton Notebook" entries with that in mind as well.