Thursday, January 29, 2009

Single Issue Hall of Fame: Master of Kung Fu #98

I've read this book 15-20 times since I bought it off the racks and it still holds up beautifully. The story begins with Shadow Slasher's arrival in New York city to challenge Shang-Chi to a showdown. There is a very nice cat and house game begins as we slowly build towards the pending battle. Now, I'm not normally a big fan of 'fight' issues, but this one is so well executed by the Moench/Zeck/Day team, that you cannot help but cheer for the victor and feel pity for the defeated. This is a superb standalone story and should appeal to all readers. It's a great one to check out if you've been curious as to what this series is all about. For me, this is the standout issue of a standout series (I'd include in as a Reprint This! candidate - but that topic gets my blood boiling).

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John Parker said...

Right on! Also,don't you think that the Moench/Gulacy, Moench/Zeck and Moench/Day Shang-Chi versus Fu Manchu stories were 3 of the greatest comic stories ever?