Thursday, January 08, 2009

Memoirs of a Bronze Age Baby: Incredible Hulk #262

I was just shy of turning 10 when I bought this one off the racks. It haunted me the entire summer of '82. Bruce Banner washes up on a beach in Malibu and is taken in by a benefactor with a sinister secret. This one plays out like a really good Twilight Zone episode. I found the whole concept to be truly horrifying. Sal B did am amazing job of conveying the look of terror on the faces of the 'statues'. The one in the pool really freaks me out. I think this one messed up my ability to trust beautiful women. As a bonus, there's a second great story featuring the Dire Wraiths and a nice twist on the 'Ma & Pa Kent find a space capsule' story. This one really made a lasting impression.

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