Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reprint This! Golden Lad

Now that Dark Horse gave Mac Raboy's Green Lama the Archives treatment, I only think it's fair that someone step up to the plate and reprint Spark Publications other great hero: Mort Meskin's Golden Lad. Except for an appearance in an AC Comics reprint, I don't think Golden Lad has seen light of day since the mid-40s. This series showcased the adventures of Tommy Preston and his 'Heart of Gold' taking on all sorts of Golden Age threats from Nazis to his archenemy (if one can have an archenemy if one's title only lasts 5 issues), the Dreamer. It's good, simple Golden Age fun with superior artwork by Mort Meskin. It would be a pretty slim volume, so I'm hoping that perhaps Dark Horse could give it the M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War treatment. I'm sure there are enough Meskin fans out there to make it commercially viable.


Anonymous said...

Hello Scott! Just a short note to say how much I love your site - the only problem is it makes me want to spend all my money!

Scott M said...

Thanks for the kind words, Blair

I know that this is possibly the least glitze blog ever, but I enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Keep in mind, my "You've Been Warned" segments are designed to save you money.

Jeremy A. Patterson said...

Golden Lad was reprinted by AC three times: In Golden Age Greats Vol. 13, Men of Mystery #3, & Golden Age Treasury Vol. 2!

AC also featured him as a guest star in 'Green Lama: Man of Strength' #1!

Spark has a third title, Atoman which lasted only two issues!


Scott M said...

Thanks for the info - I only knew about the Men of Mystery book.

Anonymous said...

I love Meskin's work, who was a big influence on Steve Ditko. Someone is owrking on a book on Meskin, and that should be worth reading.

Nick Caputo