Monday, January 26, 2009

Reprint This! Space Cabbie

I was about halfway through the Space Cabbie story reprinted in DC Super Stars #6, when it dawned on me that of all of the silly sci-fi premises cooked up at DC during the 50s and 60s - Space Cabbie is definitely heads and shoulders above all other contenders. He makes Star Hawkins seem like Rorschach. But who ever said that silly can't be awesome? It's apparent right from the start that Space Cabbie could have only be borne of the fertile mind of Otto Binder. In case you've never read this strip (which was part of Mystery in Space for 4 years), it stars a unnamed Cabbie who dresses as if it's 1955 but gets involved in all sorts of futuristic, interstellar adventures. It's 100% nutty, but it's also charming as all get out. I really wish that DC would put this out in an inexpensive, no-frills reprint volume, much like they did with the Jack Kirby Green Arrow stories.

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Jeremy A. Patterson said...

It could make a good collection!