Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hidden Gems: Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #84

So, you've always wanted to check out Boris Karloff Thriller #1, but are reluctant to shell out over $100 for a nice looking further. Well, look no further than BKTOM #84 to satisfy (or at least partially satisfy) your curiosity. This issue features two wonderful stories ("Past and Present Danger" and "The Plague of Gornau") from Thriller #1. They are both beautifully drawn by the supremely talented Alberto Giolitti. I'm particularly blown away by the moody art on the Gornau tale, in which Giolitti does a great job establishing the paranoid atmosphere of a witch hunt. The cover story to this book is reprinted from BKTOM #22, and it centres on the spirit of Dante Alighieri seeking revenge on the city of Florence. There is very nice Luis Dominguez artwork on that one. So, it's not a complete reprint of that first Thriller issue, but if you're looking through the dollar bins, keep an eye out for this one - if only for the wonderful the Giolitti artwork.

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craig/benday-dot said...

Karloff is underrepresented in my Gold Key collection. The early issues in particular are not so cheap anymore. I find this goes for all the 60's GK series. A victim perhaps of the secret being out. I may end up picking up the new Dark Horse collection of this title soon upcoming. I'm not sure without checking how many issues it will include, but certainly number 1 will be there. Your are right about the Alberto Giolitti art. Most of my exposure comes from Turok. Further evidence that puts paid to the myth that Gold Key was all cool covers, but crappy interiors. Nice post!