Thursday, December 10, 2009

Charlton Notebook: Beyond the Grave #11

This title was part of the Charlton mini-explosion of the mid-70s, but went on hiatus for nearly 7 years before returning as a reprint title in 1983. I once figure out who drew this new cover, but the name escapes me right now. Overall, this is a pretty good package with 3 stories - the first 'Not for Sale' (originally from a 1975 issue of Ghostly Tales) is pencilled by Charles Nicholas. His work is made to look much more lush by Wayne Howard's inks. The middle tale ("The Cure") is an old Dr. Graves story drawn by Steve Ditko. The reproduction here is quite good, as the paper is of decent quality and the colors and inks are sharp. Finally, we've got a terrific werewolf-centric story from Haunted Love #5 with charming Joe Staton artwork, who includes a pretty racy bathtub scene. This is definitely an above average reprint book, so keeps your eyes peeled for a cheap copy.


MDG14450 said...

Cover might be by Mitch O'Connell, who was doing some work for Charlton around that time

ROK said...

The cover appears to be signed just under the bar code box. But I can't quite make it out.

GarBut said...

I want to read "UGH"!