Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Trade Marks: The Question - Epitath for a Hero

By this 3rd trade, Dennis O'Neil and Denys Cowan are completely simpatico. They have really found their groove, and I found this volume to be even more consistently enjoyable than the previous two. While the story lines focus on mature material, there really isn't anything too exploitative or sensationalistic. It feels like a nice companion piece to other DC series of the time such as Green Arrow and Suicide Squad. Speaking of Green Arrow, Ollie makes a solid guest appearance here and it becomes apparent that The Question/Vic Sage is part of the DCU. That being said, O'Neil is creating a nice universe here, and the subplot surrounding the mayoral race helps bridge the issues together. I particularly loved the arc involved the paramilitary patriots. It seems to be somewhat prescient of some things we saw happen in the 90s. Overall, it's a very engaging read that holds up very well today. I still don't love Cowan's work, but I'm getting used to it. Trade Mark: B+

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Argo Plummer said...

Haven't read the trades, but am thirlled that they are being published.

I loved this series when it was being published. I give it as much credit for showing me what is possible with a comic as Miller, Moore, and Grell did with other DC books at the time.

One of my all time favorites. Glad you enjoyed it.