Monday, December 14, 2009

Comic Book Robot of the Month: The Robot Ruler

The robot as King/President/Ruler is a conceit we've seen throughout the history of comicdom, but it is a great one. My Greatest Adventure has always come across as the poor cousin of titles such as Strange Adventures and House of Secrets. Every now and then, I'll notice an issue of MGA that seems as good or even better than any other DC title. The story, Cure Our Robot Ruler - Or Die, may not be revolutionary, but it is quite entertaining. I don't know a thing about the interior artist; Paul Parker, but his work isn't bad - suffering only a bit from DC house blandness. This elegant cover, drawn by the great Lee Elias, immediately captures your attention. I think Elias' choice of perspective is what really makes it stand out, as well as the contrast between the metallic silver and regal red. As much as I love the Doom Patrol, it's kind of too bad that this series had to make room for it.

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